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The journey to parenthood has been quite exciting. We have tried and tried to get pregnant with no success, after visiting a fertility clinic we realized that we didn’t have the proper parts to make that happen, who knew? I didn’t learn that in 7th grade health class.

Oh, okay I did know that but it is funny to joke about because being a gay male couple we can’t have a one-night stand and get pregnant or pull the goalie and hope for a baby. We have had many intense conversations about why have a family and how to have a family. This is something that we have put a lot of time and effort in discussing and exploring.

For those of you that know my wonderfully intelligent partner, Christopher, you know that we have left no stone unturned in our journey of finding our pathway to parenthood. Over the last three years we have explored US local adoption, international adoption, foster to adopt, US gestational surrogacy, US traditional surrogacy and international gestational surrogacy. We have met adoptions agencies, surrogates and with gay couples that have experienced each of these pathways to parenthood. At this point in our journey we have decided that we feel most comfortable with international gestational surrogacy in India. Yes, you read it right, India!

We are going to India to build our family…

James & Christopher


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