The sights, the smells, the noise… stimulation overload!

What a roller coaster of emotions it has been being in India! Although everything seems so much more real being here, sometimes we feel like we are watching ourselves as we are being filmed in a reality TV show. India is literally another world… everything is moving so fast yet nothing seems to get done? We have been very pleased with our doctor and the clinic, every appointment has either been early or on time.

Tuesday was our busiest day, we reviewed the legal documents, met with the attorney, met our surrogate (she is very sweet and beautiful), signed the contract with our surrogate and her husband, made another donation, met with the accountant, looked at long term apartment rentals, met John and Morgan from Boston (two dads here with their new daughter), and managed to get one tourist stop in at Dilli Haat market.

When we signed our contract, Christopher, being a lawyer, had some very valid concerns, and SCI’s legal counsel was able to thoroughly answer our questions. However, there are some concerns and fears that we still have that no contract can put at ease… only trust, faith and positive thinking can ease. Although we knew we would be meeting our surrogate, James’ eyes swelled with tears and our hearts were filled with gratitude and love!

The consciousness in India is one of ebb and flow, you just have to go with it…

James and Christopher