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We received results in the early morning on April 19th that our second transfer was not successful, again we are disappointed but we will keep trying and hoping.  Thanks for the continued support and baby vibes!

Our second transfer happened on April 9th and we have been trying our best to be realistically optimistic, have faith, believe in the process…We’ll I should say “I” have been trying my best to be realistically optimistic. Christopher has been very good at staying positive. We were 100% convinced that the first transfer was successful, so I guess I have been trying to be more “realistic” and some might see that at being negative.

Because we have been so open about our journey to surrogacy and our first unsuccessful transfer we have had many friends confide in us and share their struggles of getting pregnant. What we are experiencing is common and what we have learned is that we are no different or more special than anyone else. Both of us are very driven and successful people and have been blessed with the ability to set our focus and goal on what we want and usually achieve what we set out to achieve. This has been a lesson in persistence, humility and patience.

We will remain optimistic and patient and will continue to focus on our dream of having a child… when the time is right we will have a child!

Our second transfer was last Tuesday, April 9th and we will know more next Friday, April 19th.

We feel much gratitude for all of the support from our family and friends!

James and Christopher


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